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Surge Protection Seminars

Since 1937, CITEL has been a leader in the surge protection industry, specializing in the manufacturing and sale of Surge Protective Devices (SPD) to its worldwide customers. With over 80 years of growing technology  CITEL will now offer IEEE accredited Engineering Seminars, allowing you to earn PDH and CEU credits and expand your Surge Protection knowledge. This is a comprehensive education course, not sales training, that will provide an overview of the basics and extend  to a wide- range of advanced topics such as IEEE & NEC standards, as well as UL compliances. Course topics include:
  • Lightning Phenomenon
  • Surge Theory & Environments
  • Surge Effects
  • Risk Analysis
  • Understanding UL Changes
  • Surge Protection Principles
  • Case Studies w/ Lab Testing
  • IEEE Accreditation

CITEL IEEE Engineering Seminar Overview

1) Lightning Phenomenon (1 hour = 1 PDH/0.1 CEU):
Introduction to the basic understanding of Lightning Phenomenon and its characteristics as well as explanation of the natural effects of Lightning strikes.
2) Surge Theory & Environments (1 hour= 1 PDH/0.1 CEU):
Definition and characterization of electrical surges. Study the origins of transients in commercial and residential environments.
3) Surge Effects (1 hour= 1 PDH/0.1 CEU):  
Effects of different electrical surges on a structure. Analysis of the distribution of electrical surges within a structure.
Effect of surges on equipment and material and financial losses to end user.
4) Risk Analysis (1 hour= 1 PDH/0.1 CEU):
Calculation of lightning and surge exposure for a given facility based on an analysis from the structure measurements,
location and lightning flash density. Determination of the minimum protection required.
5) Understanding Changes to The New UL 1449 4th Edition Standard (1 hour= 1 PDH/0.1 CEU):
Emphasis of the changes and new requirements of the latest Edition of UL 1449 4th Edition (mandatory since 03/11/2016) 
6) Surge Protection Principles (1 hour= 1 PDH/0.1 CEU):  
Selection the correct surge protection according to standards UL, NEMA, IEEE and NEC standards for electrical wiring.
Principles of coordination for surge protection and Global system protection approach.
7) Case Studies w/Lab Testing 1 (4 hours= 4 PDH/0.4 CEU):
This selection includes the Surge Effects and Risk Analysis modules plus laboratory time to determine the Electrical Withstand
of electrical & electronic equipment. Attendee is welcome to bring their own equipment for laboratory testing.
8) Case Studies w/Lab Testing 2 (4 hours= 4 PDH/0.4 CEU):
This selection includes the Lightning Phenomenon, Risk Analysis, and Surge Protection Principles modules plus laboratory
time to determine proper coordination within a single network or between multiple networks using a systems approach.


Contact your local CITEL representative for more inormation about training courses in your area.

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