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Gas Discharge Tube Overview


  • The grounding conductor (between the earth output of the protector and the installation bonding circuit) must be as short as possible (less than 1.5 feet or 0.50 meters) and have a cross sectional area of at least 2.5 mm squared.

  • The earth resistance must adhere to the local electrical code. No special earthing is necessary.

  • Protected and unprotected cables must be kept well apart to limit coupling.

CITEL gas discharge tubes require no maintenance or replacement under normal conditions. They are designed to withstand repeated, heavy duty surge currents without damage.

Nevertheless, it is prudent to plan for the worst case scenario and, for this reason; CITEL has designed for the replacement of protection components where practical.
fThe status of your data line surge protector can be tested with CITEL’s model SPT1003. This unit is designed to test for the DC sparkover voltage, clamping voltages and line continuity (optional) of the surge protector.  The SPT1003 is a compact, push button unit with a digital display. The voltage range of the tester is 0 to 999 volts.  It can test individual components such GDT’s, diodes, MOVs or stand alone devices designed for AC or DC applications.

If the structure to be protected is equipped with a LPS (Lightning Protection System), the surge protectors for telecom , data lines or AC power lines that are installed at the buildings service entrance need to be tested to a direct lightning impulse 10/350us wave form with a minimum surge current of 2.5kA (D1 category test IEC-61643-21).




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