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     Coaxial Protection - Gas Tubes


       P8AX Series      
Gas Discharge Tube
DC Pass
0 – 5 GHz
0 – 6.9 GHz (P8AX-6G)

Citel’s P8AX Series is a ultra low capacitance gas discharge tube (GDT) based surge arrestor designed for use in high frequency RF applications up to 6.9 GHz. The P8AX protects sensitive equipment connected to a single coaxial line from a direct lightning strike. The P8AX is installed in series with the line and has several standard grounding options including a grounding screw, mounting bracket or bulkhead.

Available with the most commonly used connectors including BNC, F, N, SMA, TNC, and 7/16 Din connectors or it can be custom made for your application with any combination of connector and gender types to eliminate the need for any adapters.

The P8AX can be used in systems supplying up to +/- 48 volts DC via the coaxial cable and can be provided in 70, 500 and 1,000 watt versions for any 50 or 75 ohm network.

Data Sheet (P8AX)
Data Sheet (P8AX-6G)




ISO Certification

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