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Coaxial Surge Protection Overview


  • Location of Protection: The protectors should be placed at the entrance of installation to limit the penetration of lightning current inside the facility in addition to direct placement in front of the sensitive equipment.

Mounting options include:

1) Feed through Mounting by Bulkhead or Mounting Bracket: This is the direct mounting of the surge protector onto the ground frame or ground plate at the installations service entrance.

  • Provides perfect connection to the grounding system
  • Located at optimal point where surge currents enter at the entrance of the installation
  • Good mechanical withstand capability

2) Ground Screw: Connection to the grounding system is directly by wire via ground screw on the chassis and then to grounding system (4 mm² minimum).


CITEL coaxial line surge protectors require no maintenance or replacement under normal conditions. They are designed to withstand repeated, heavy duty surge currents without damage.

Nevertheless, it is prudent to plan for the worst case scenario and, for this reason; CITEL has designed for the replacement of protection components where practical. The P8AX Series incorporates an easy to use GDT holder that allows for the protective component to be replaced without the need for special tools or knowledge. The failure mode for a coaxial surge protector is either fail short to ground or fail open. 

The status of your coaxial surge protector can be tested with CITEL’s model T1000KE. This unit is designed to test for the DC sparkover voltage of the GDT.  The T1000KE is a compact, single push button unit with a digital display. The voltage range of the tester is 0 to 999 volts.


Coaxial RF Surge Protection



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