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AC Surge Protection
Service Entrance
Branch Panel
Equipment Level

Coaxial Protection
Gas Tube

Data Line Surge Protection
Din Rail Mount
Surface Mount
...df Rackmount
Conduit Mount

DC Surge Protection
Grid Tie
Off Grid

Gas Discharge Tubes
2 Electrodes
3 Electrodes

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     Surge Protective Devices

AC POWERAC Surge Protection

Coaxial Surge Protection

DATALINEDataline Surge Protection

DC POWERDC Power Surge Protection

Gas Discharge TubesGas Discharge Tubes

CITEL Surge Protection

Since 1937, CITEL Inc has manufactured a complete line of surge protective devices (SPD) to protect sensitive equipment from the harmful effects of lightning strikes and other power line disturbances. CITEL is a world leader in transient voltage surge suppression products and components including AC power surge protection, DC power surge protectors, RF coaxial surge suppressors and the component gas discharge tube (GDT) surge arrestor.

AC Power
1,2,3 Phase
120 Vac to 690 Vac
NEMA Enclosure
Din Rail

RF Coaxial

DC to 6.9GHz
To +/-48V or DC Block

DC Power

12 Vdc to 1500 Vdc
Solar PV, CSPV

Data Line
6 Vdc a 190 Vdc
POE, POE+, POE High, RS232 RS422 RS485
10/100/1000 Base T, Telco, T1, E1, ISDN,
4-20mA Current Loop

Gas Discharge Tubes
90 Vdc a 600 Vdc
90 Vac a 2500 Vac
Bipolar o Tripolar

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